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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MemoReflections?

MemoReflections is an interactive website that allows you to design a memorials for loved ones. We provide you with unique photography and templates to design a modern memorial quickly and with ease.

Why should I purchase a MemoReflection?

A lot of people purchase flowers and plants when someone close to them has lost a loved one. MemoReflections are designed to create a unique memorial that last a lifetime. If youíre looking for something with more initimate meaning, than MemoReflections are perfect for you.

What is a matte?

A matte is a sheet of thin sheet of cardboard that is attached on the back of a picture, to provide a mount and support to the photograph.

Do I have to purchase my MemoReflection with a matte?

No you do not. However, is highly recommended for prints 8x10 and larger because a matte adds to overall quality and longevity of your print. Environmental factors such as humidity, may slowly damage your print over time causing warping and other visual damage, and a matte is a strong line of defense against such factors.

Can I order my MemoReflection framed?

We are always looking for ways to improve our product but unfortunately, we currently do no offer framing options.

Will I get an opportunity to preview my print before purchasing it?

That depends.  There are two ways of creating a MemoReflection: By choosing a photograph from our gallery or by uploading your own photo.

If you choose a photograph from our gallery, you will have six template designs to choose from and the MemoReflection that you’ve created will be identical to that template with the exception of the name you have provided.  So in that case, there will be no preview.  However, if you upload your own photo to be used, you will have the option to request a preview via email before the print is sent to the lab.

Every template mentions the name Margie. Who is Margie? What if the person Iím designing my MemoReflection for isnít named Margie?

MemoReflections was created and designed by Kari Kraemer Robak. She designed her first MemoReflection after her mother; Margie, passed away in June of 2005. Margieís memory was the inspiration behind this website and to honor her, we have used her name in every template seen, as a visual to our customers. You will be able to create your very own MemoReflection and personalize it with whatever name you choose. The name you provide will take place of Margieís name that is seen on every template.

Margie's name has six letters. How many letters can I use in the first name that I provide?

There is no limit on the amount of letters but MemoReflections is designed around the FIRST name of the individual you are creating for. The design may shift slightly for very short and very long names but our designers will work hard to make sure that the message will be still be visually beautiful.

Will I be able to scan my MemoReflection to make copies for my friends and family?

Absolutely not. MemoReflections holds the copyright for every photograph displayed in our gallery and making copies or scanning the image you receive without written consent is in direct violation of that copyright and can be punishable by law.

How long does it take for my MemoReflection to be created?

We strive to have each MemoReflection created, printed and shipped within 48 hours. However, each order will vary slightly depending on the time of day, and day of the week that the order is placed and the shipping options selected.

How long will it take to ship?

Your order will be placed with the shipping option that you provide during checkout.  We use both UPS and USPS, depending on the final destination of the order.  Orders are picked up Monday-Friday only, with the exception of holidays.

Will I be able to track my order?

Yes.  We will email you with a link to the UPS or USPS website so that you can track your order online.

Whose photographs are used in the MemoReflections gallery?

Kari Kraemer Robak is the photographer behind all of the images you see here on MemoReflections.com.

Can I submit my own photo to be used in the creation of a MemoReflection?

Yes, you can. You will see an option to upload your own photo at the bottom of the photo gallery in the first step of the creation process. You will be required to follow the pixel minimum requirement for optimal resolution when submitting your own photo.

What are the minimum pixel requirements for submitting my own photo?

5x7:1500 x 2100
8x10:2400 x 3000
11x14:3300 x 4200
16x20:4800 x 6000

Can I submit and upload a professional photograph?

If a professional photograph is submitted, a written copyright release will be required from the photographer responsible for the photo before MemoReflections will be able to create and print your order.  We take copyright seriously.  If you don’t have a release, don’t submit it. 

I have submitted my own photo and chosen a template.  How will I know what it looks like, together?

When you upload a photo, it is unique because you do not have a sample to view online of what the final product will look like. However, if you would like to request a preview before the MemoReflection is printed, you can do so in the final step of the uploading process.  We will send you a preview of the image with the template for you to approve.

What if I spelt the name of my loved one incorrectly on my order?

Please take time when you are spelling the name of the loved one you want to honor because once we have received your order, it will be created and printed with the spelling that you have provided.

Where is MemoReflections located?

We are located in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

How can I contact MemoReflections?

You can email us at info@memoreflections.com or use our online contact form

What is your return policy?

Every MemoReflection is unique to each customer due to the image selected from our gallery, the template the customer has chosen and the name that has been provided. MemoReflections are only created once the order is placed and due to the countless combinations available, we do not except exchanges, cancellations or provide refunds.